Initial Purchase

Purchasing & Fulfillment

You can purchase Macabacus for your customer using our online checkout. Please do not send a purchase order.

Orders are fulfilled when the financial transaction is completed—immediately, for orders placed online, and within 48 hours, typically, for purchase orders. Your automatically generated invoice is confirmation that the order was fulfilled. Once your order is fulfilled, all further account management is the reseller's and customer's responsibility.

Note that Macabacus is not traditional box software. It does not ship to your customer, there are no tracking numbers, no activation keys are sent to your customer, and simply placing the order does not satisfy your obligation to your customer.

Account independence

If you purchase Macabacus for multiple customers, each customer must be under a separate account for privacy reasons.

Email address

The reseller email address you provide when purchasing Macabacus is used to access your Admin Console for account management. We recommend providing an email address in the format If you instead supply an employee email address, such as, that employee will be unable to place orders for other customers because his/her email address is already associated with another Macabacus account.

Using a customer-specific email address also lets multiple employees monitor that email account, which provides continuity and better service to your customer when an employee leaves your company, for example.

Account Setup

When you purchase Macabacus for your customer, a Macabacus account is created for you when the order is fulfilled. This account is in the reseller's name—not your customer's—and you are the sole administrator for this account. Once your purchase is confirmed, you must sign into your Admin Console and either:

  • Designate at least one person in your customer's organization as an Admin who will configure end user access, or
  • Configure end user access yourself.

We strongly recommend the former option so that you, the reseller, are not burdened with periodic account maintenance such as adding/removing end users. Admins do not have access to the reseller's billing information, or the ability to make changes to the subscription. Since Admins also cannot add other administrators to the account, ask your customer whether any additional Admins are required (accounts with multiple users should designate two or three internal administrators for redundancy).

Using the Software

Once administrator and end user access has been configured in your Admin Console, have your customer download Macabacus software from our downloads page or within your Admin Console. End users can activate the software per these instructions.

Loss of access

When your customer installs and runs Macabacus for the first time, a 30-day trial begins automatically (unless end user access has been granted as described above). Your customer may think it has activated the software when, in fact, the software is in trial mode. Accordingly, if a user's trial ends and that user has not been granted access as described above, your customer may contact you to learn why it can no longer use the software.

Subsequent Purchases

If your customer already has a Macabacus subscription and requires additional seats (licenses) to add new users, do not use our online checkout or submit a purchase order unless you intend to create a  new Macabacus account for that customer (perhaps to support a separate business unit). Instead, add new seats to the existing subscription as described here. All seats for a single customer should normally be under a single Macabacus account.

Once you have purchased a new seat, it must be assigned to the user for whom the seat was purchased as described above. Either do this yourself, or inform your customer's Macabacus account administrator that he/she must do so.

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