Add a Subscription

To add a new subscription to your account:

  1. Update your billing information in the Billing section in your Admin Console before adding a subscription, if necessary.
  2. Go to the Billing section in your Admin Console and click the Add Subscription button.
  3. Complete the form and click the Submit Order button.

The Admin Console limits you to one of each subscription plan. For example, if you already have a Modeler plan with annual billing, then you can add any Suite plan or a Modeler plan with monthly billing to your account, but not another Modeler plan with annual billing. Each subscription plan in your account supports multiple licenses (seats), so refer to the section above if you are simply trying to add a seat to support a new user.

Suite vs. Modeler + Presenter

Do not purchase both a Modeler plan and a Presenter plan to provide a single user with access to Macabacus' tools for both Excel and PowerPoint. This would provide different users access to either the Excel tools or the PowerPoint tools, not access to both by the same user. Instead, purchase or upgrade to a Suite plan that provides access to both the Excel and PowerPoint tools.

Interns and temporary employees

If you have interns or other temporary employees who require access to Macabacus, and you have an annual subscription, you can add a temporary, monthly subscription to accommodate those users. When the temporary employees depart, you can remove their access and cancel your monthly subscription.

As discussed above, when licenses are added to an existing subscription, billing for the incremental licenses is co-termed with existing licenses. However, if you purchase a new subscription plan, it will not be co-termed with other subscriptions in your account.

When you add a new subscription, any users linked to expired subscriptions will be relinked to the new subscription automatically, up to the number of licenses available in the new subscription.

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