Renew a Subscription

Macabacus recurring subscriptions renew automatically until canceled at any time, so no action is normally required to renew. However, prior to renewal you should confirm that the number of licenses (seats) renewing is correct, update your subscription's PO number if necessary, and update your billing information if necessary.

Renewal invoices are automatically generated and emailed to your billing contact(s) at the start of your next billing cycle; we cannot send them earlier. You can generate a quote on our pricing page, if required.

Renewal notices

Upcoming renewal notifications are emailed 30 days prior to renewal. If this allows you insufficient time to prepare for renewal, be sure to track your Macabacus renewal internally rather than rely on our email notification.

Following the instructions above makes it generally unnecessary to submit a purchase order ("PO") for renewal of your subscription. If you do submit a renewal PO that requires attention, a processing fee will apply to your renewal transaction. Ensure that renewal POs are clearly marked as such, and include your account number. Do not submit a renewal PO after renewal has already occurred.

If you had canceled your subscription before the end of your billing cycle to prevent automatic renewal, but want the subscription to renew, you must reactivate the subscription before the end of the billing cycle. After renewal, you can re-cancel the subscription if desired. A subscription that is canceled at the end of the billing cycle will expire. Expired subscriptions cannot be renewed.

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