Administrator Roles

Macabacus account administrators are responsible for managing subscriptions, provisioning end user access, and other account operations. They can access the Admin Console, but can only activate Macabacus software if they are also designated as end users in the Users section of the Admin Console (as would normally be the case with single-user, or individual, accounts).

When a new Macabacus account is created, the customer—either the person who completed the online checkout or the person who submitted the purchase order—is automatically designated as the sole administrator with unrestricted administrative access. There is no charge to add additional administrators to your account, as admins do not occupy licenses in your subscription.

Enterprise considerations

For organizations with multiple users, designate at least two or three account administrators for redundancy. Admins should generally be IT, purchasing/procurement, training, and/or presentation technologies professionals. Be sure to remove admins who no longer work for your company immediately.

Macabacus account admins can be designated as either a "Super Admin" or an "Admin." Super Admins are unrestricted and can perform all account management operations, while Admins can do everything except:

  • View/modify billing information;
  • Access invoices;
  • Edit subscriptions, including plan and number of licenses; and
  • Add/remove other administrators.

Reseller considerations

The reseller will typically be the Super Admin and the customer the Admin.

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