Purchasing FAQ

Can I purchase Macabacus outright?

No, we only sell licenses to our software on a subscription basis. The benefits of the subscription model are lower up-front costs and perpetual access to the latest version of Macabacus for any version of Office, including new features and other improvements.

Do you offer refunds?

Credit card, PayPal, and ACH debit transactions will be refunded in the following circumstances, subject to the limitations below:

  • Inadvertent or unauthorized purchases / renewals
  • Improper upgrade to a Suite plan
  • Account consolidation

You have 30 days to evaluate whether Macabacus meets your needs prior to making a purchase, so we do not provide refunds for reasons related to personal preference, product satisfaction, etc.

We cannot provide refunds after 30 days under any circumstance, except to facilitate account consolidation in some cases.  Full refunds will be provided if requested within ten days of the transaction; otherwise, prorated refunds will be issued.  Prorated refunds are adjusted for the time remaining in your billing cycle at the moment the refund is initiated.

Refunds are not provided for inadvertent renewals of monthly subscriptions.  Instead, simply cancel your monthly subscription so that it does not renew.

Wire transfer and ACH credit payments cannot be refunded, but in cases where such transactions would otherwise qualify for a refund, a credit will be applied to the account.

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