Cancel a Subscription

To cancel a subscription so that it does not renew automatically:

  1. Go to the Billing section in your Admin Console and click the subscription's Edit Subscription link.
  2. Click the Turn Off Renewal button.

Subscriptions may be canceled at any time. Canceling a subscription only prevents it from renewing automatically at the end of your billing cycle, and does not prevent you from using Macabacus through the end of your billing cycle. Canceled subscriptions may be reactivated prior to expiration as described below. Partial refunds are not issued for cancellations.

If you cancel your subscription to prevent automatic renewal, but intend to renew manually, you must reactivate your subscription prior to expiration and then again disable automatic renewal again after renewal. You will not receive notices of upcoming expiration for canceled subscriptions, so do not rely on communications from Macabacus to remind you to take these actions.

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