Manual Invoicing

How do I submit a purchase order?

For initial purchases using manual invoicing, use our online checkout to submit a purchase order ("PO") by selecting the "Invoice" payment option. You can optionally enter a PO number here that will appear on your invoice. For renewals, see this topic.

We do not accept POs via email or vendor management systems like Ariba, Coupa, etc., because you must create an account when placing your order. This requires you to select a password that can be used to access and manage your account via the Admin Console, and passwords cannot be securely specified in a PO.

Manual invoicing terms

  • Minimum initial or renewal purchases of $500.
  • Monthly plans are not eligible for manual invoicing.
  • Payment must be made within 30 days by ACH credit or wire transfer (no exceptions); we do not accept checks.
  • A processing fee applies to purchases that we must process manually.
  • Your access to Macabacus software begins when we process your order, not when payment is received.
  • There is a $25 fee for late payments.
  • Direct sales, only; resellers should select another payment method.
  • Upon payment, email a remittance notice to that includes your account code or invoice number so that we can mark your invoice paid. Otherwise, your payment may not be recorded, and your service may be suddenly suspended.
  • Macabacus is a subscription that renews automatically until canceled. As such, you will receive an automatically generated invoice at renewal, whether or not we have received a renewal PO from you. If your last submitted PO contained a PO number, that PO number will appear on subsequent invoices unless you submit a renewal PO with a different number at least 48 hrs before the renewal invoice is sent.
  • Upcoming renewal notifications are emailed 30 days prior to renewal. If this allows you insufficient time to prepare a renewal PO, be sure to track your Macabacus renewal internally rather than rely on our email notification.
  • Although not required, your order should specify a group email address to which billing notifications will be sent (e.g.,, rather than the email address of a specific individual.
  • A subscription will be suspended automatically if any invoice related to that subscription is more than 10 days past due. Your billing contact(s) will receive three late payment notices prior to suspension. If your subscription is suspended, you can restore access for your users by (a) submitting payment electronically, or (b) emailing an automatically generated remittance notice to You can immediately restore access by paying your invoice with a credit card via your Admin Console.

Who pays wire transfer fees?

Any payment we receive must match the invoiced amount. Some banks (particularly in Europe) deduct their wire transfer fees from the invoiced amount, resulting in underpayment. If this happens, your invoice will be marked unpaid, and your service may be suspended, or you may receive a separate invoice for the wire transfer fee. You must then wire the difference between the received and invoiced amounts, plus another wire transfer fee to your bank. Consequently, underpayment may cost you over 2x the amount of underpayment. Check with your bank  before sending payment to understand how its wire transfer fee is paid, and gross up your payment as necessary to cover your bank's fees.

Here is a simple example to help you understand why we do not pay your bank's wire transfer fee. Suppose you add an additional seat to your subscription a few days before it renews and receive an invoice for $10. If you wire us $10, and your bank charges us a $20 wire transfer fee, how much do we receive for your purchase?

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