Account Suspensions

Accounts using manual invoicing, only, are suspended automatically once any invoice goes more than 10 days past due, resulting in temporary loss of access to Macabacus software for all users.  Suspension occurs only after reasonable efforts to contact you have failed.  These efforts include past due notices emailed to your billing contact(s) immediately when the invoice goes past due, and 4 and 7 days thereafter.  These notices clearly warn that failure to remit payment promptly will result in suspension and loss of access. Enterprise Plan accounts are not subject to automatic suspension and loss of access.

To restore access, we must receive either (a) payment of the overdue amount via wire transfer or ACH credit, or (b) an automatically generated remittance notification sent to showing that such payment is in progress.  You can alternatively restore access immediately by adding a credit card to your account and using it to pay your invoice via your Admin Console.

Suspension can be frustrating for customers, but please note that suspension occurs only after (a) payment is not received for 40 days, and (b) our repeated attempts to contact you are ignored.  To reduce the likelihood of suspension, you should:

  • Keep your billing email address(es) up-to-date in your Admin Console
  • Specify at least two billing email addresses for redundancy
  • Specify a group email address (e.g.,, rather than the email address of a specific individual
  • Ensure that emails from are not trapped in spam filters
  • Upgrade to an Enterprise Plan

If you require assistance with a suspended account beyond the guidance provided here, your account will be assessed a late fee of $25 payable with the next naturally occurring invoice.

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