What is your customer support model?

Standard Support, included free with Professional, Suite, Modeler, and Presenter plans, provides 24/7 email support. We may prioritize email support inquiries based on the nature of your inquiry, so response times may vary with your inquiry's assessed severity and the availability of a solution in our Help Center, which provides immediate answers to most questions. In addition, support agents may be available to chat on our website from 09:00 to 18:00 ET, Mon–Fri. Phone support / remote assistance may be offered after reasonable efforts by both parties to resolve issues over email or chat have been exhausted.

Enhanced Support, included with Enterprise plans, includes the same features as Standard Support, but additionally prioritizes email support inquiries over Standard Support email inquiries, and makes phone support / remote assistance available upon request within 24 hours during normal business hours (Eastern Time). Enhanced Support also includes concierge services for account management actions that you would otherwise need to perform in your self-service Admin Console.

Basic Support is offered to our Solo plan customers and includes 24/7 email support and chat support as described above. Phone support is not available with Basic Support.

Phone support / remote assistance is not available to resellers and for some billing issues for security or privacy reasons. Our responsive email and chat support and extensive self-service capabilities (e.g., thorough documentation and troubleshooting guides, Admin Console) help you resolve nearly any technical or account/billing issue efficiently, making phone support / remote assistance unnecessary in most circumstances.

Our ability to provide technical support often depends on your cooperation in providing the information we require to address your issue. The more information you provide, the better we can assist you.

Is there a support number I can call?

If phone support / remote assistance is required (Standard Support) or requested (Enhanced Support), you will receive a Zoom or Google Meet invite with dial-in instructions and a meeting link. Please be prepared to share your screen so that we can provide better guidance. If you are unable to join a Zoom or Google Meet meeting or share your screen using these meeting solutions, you will need to send an invite to using your meeting solution.

Demand for phone support / remote assistance among Macabacus customers is extremely low; a testament to the quality and ease of use of Macabacus software, documentation, and Admin Console. Consequently, we do not operate a call center for incoming calls at this time, and pass along the associated cost savings to customers in the form of accessible, retail pricing.

Can you call me?

As indicated above, if phone support is required to address your issue you will receive dial-in instructions.

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