Software Reseller

How do I request a quote?

Please generate a quote on our pricing page using the Quote button.

We do not provide prorated quotes for purchases in the middle of a billing cycle because the amount due is based on time remaining in your billing cycle at the time of purchase, which cannot be known in advance. However, you can estimate the amount due by multiplying the full-year price by the number of days remaining in your cycle at your expected date of purchase, and dividing by 365. We suggest overestimating the cost of mid-cycle purchases when quoting your customer and then presenting them with a lower cost when you actually bill them. Or, simply quote your customer the full-year cost of the number of licenses they require (computed using our online quote generator); the actual cost will be no higher.

Renewal quotes are provided using current Macabacus pricing, only. If prices have changed but this change has not been applied to your existing subscription, the quoted amount may differ from the amount you are actually charged at renewal. If you require the quoted and invoiced amounts to be equal, your existing subscription must be updated to the current pricing.

Do you offer a reseller discount?

Only for resellers that proactively promote our software and source more than USD 250,000 in global Macabacus sales, annually.

How do I purchase Macabacus for a customer?

You can purchase Macabacus using our online checkout. The Macabacus account created at checkout is in the reseller's name, not the customer's. If the reseller does not transition the account to the customer following the purchase, the reseller is responsible for account management via the self-service Admin Console where you can modify subscriptions (e.g., purchase additional licenses); provision administrative access; and, if no customer admins are provisioned, assign licenses to end users. Please see this page for more information about how to purchase Macabacus for your customer.

Which products are eligible for reseller purchase?

All plans except our Solo plan are available for reseller purchase.

What are the payment terms?

Please see purchasing options elsewhere in these FAQ.

What is the delivery method?

Software is downloaded directly from our website, so delivery is immediate.

Is deal registration available?


What is the SKU code?

We refer to Macabacus subscriptions by their plan names, only. There are no SKU codes.

How does licensing work?

Licenses are per user, and valid for any Windows, Office, or Macabacus software version. See our docs for more information.

Where are your Terms of Use?

Our EULA can be found here.

What if I do not want the subscription to renew automatically?

Macabacus subscriptions renew automatically by default. To prevent automatic renewal, cancel the subscription promptly after purchasing it. If you do cancel the subscription, then no notice of upcoming renewal will be sent to the billing contact 10 days prior to the end of the billing cycle. Therefore, be sure to track the term of the subscription internally so that your customer does not lose access to Macabacus without warning.

What is your return policy?

Your customer has 14 days to test and evaluate Macabacus prior to making a purchase. Therefore, we only offer refunds under specific circumstances (e.g., purchases made in error), and those refunds may be pro rated. Under no circumstance can we provide any refund after 30 days. Note that Macabacus licenses are intangible and Macabacus software is downloaded directly from our website, so there is no physical product to return.

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