The execution of any code that makes a change to a spreadsheet destroys Excel's Undo/Redo stacks. So, when you modify a formula and then run a macro to change number format, for example, you are unable to use Excel's native Undo to revert to the original formula. This is a severe limitation of Excel, and not a problem with the add-in or macro. There are no easy workarounds to this problem, unfortunately.

Excel add-ins and their users accept this loss of Undo/Redo functionality as a cost of doing business. In other words, the benefits provided by add-ins and macros outweigh the cost of losing native Undo/Redo capability. We believe customers of our enterprise-grade solutions shouldn't sacrifice anything to use our tools. So, we built our own Undo/Redo stacks to track changes made to spreadsheets, restoring most of this lost functionality. Why don't all Excel add-ins do this? Because managing custom Undo/Redo stacks is prohibitively complex and expensive for most applications. Accordingly, very few add-ins have achieved this advanced capability.

Macabacus' Undo/Redo is designed to work seamlessly in the background, and uses the native Excel shortcuts, Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y, and Quick Access Toolbar buttons to trigger Undo/Redo operations. Macabacus' Undo/Redo options can be set in the Excel > Undo / Redo section of the Settings dialog (see below). You can set the maximum number of cells for which Macabacus Undo/Redo is available—however, too many cells may slow performance. Select which formatting properties you want Macabacus to undo/redo (deselecting properties may improve performance), or disable Macabacus' Undo/Redo capability altogether.

Macabacus' Undo/Redo solution is not perfect due to limitations of Excel's development environment. As a result, you may experience differences between Macabacus' Undo/Redo functionality and native Undo/Redo functionality. For example, Macabacus cannot undo row/column insertion/deletion.

Performance considerations

Some Macabacus formatting operations may be noticeably slower with Undo/Redo enabled, with speed inversely proportional to the number of cells affected by the operation. Experiment with disabling Undo/Redo to determine whether its benefits are worth the performance cost.


Undo the last action. Repeat to undo additional actions.



Redo the last action. Repeat to redo additional actions.


This documentation refers to the latest Macabacus version. Some features and descriptions of these features may not apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.

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