Technical Support

For problems not addressed by the troubleshooting guides in this section of the documentation, please contact us for assistance.

Before Requesting Support

  • Confirm that troubleshooting steps in this section of the documentation do not address your problem. If your problem is related to add-in loading or installation, they almost certainly do.
  • Check the general usage tips for working with Macabacus add-ins if your problem is not related to loading/installation or Internet connectivity.
  • Check the release notes to determine if a software update has already addressed your problem.
  • Update your Macabacus software to the latest version and try to reproduce the problem, if possible.
  • Determine if the problem is document- or application-level by trying to reproduce the problem in a new fileā€”like a blank workbook.
  • Determine if the problem is related to Macabacus or another add-in by disabling other add-ins and trying to reproduce the problem.
  • Check the "Show add-in user interface errors" box under File > Options > Advanced > General . If this box was not originally checked, reproduce the problem and note any new error messages that appear.

Submit a Support Request

In Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, click the  Macabacus > Help > Email Support  button to compose a new support request email in Outlook that includes attachments we may need to investigate your problem. If you do not use Outlook, email from your email client/service. So that we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible, be sure your email includes:

  • A description of the problem and the steps and/or conditions required to reproduce it
  • The result of each troubleshooting step performed in accordance with this documentation, if applicable
  • Screen shots of any error messages or other relevant information
  • The affected document, if the problem is related to a specific file (see above). We cannot effectively troubleshoot a document-level problem without the affected file. Please remove any sensitive or confidential information from files you send. If you do send a sanitized version of the affected document, ensure that the problem can still be reproduced in the sanitized version
  • Your Macabacus settings (an XML file), if not already attached
  • A diagnostics report, if you use Outlook for email. Otherwise, include Information about your computing environment such as your Windows, Office, and Macabacus versions, and what other add-ins you have installed

We will be dropping customer support for Macabacus version 8 on November 17, 2024. Please see Upgrading to Version 9 for more information.

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