Receiving Email

Macabacus communicates important account-related and other information via email. Emails may be sent to you automatically or upon user-initiated action, and are sent immediately, usually with no or minimal delay. If you did not receive our email promptly, please:

  • Check your spam filter,
  • Verify that the email address is correct,
  • Whitelist emails from, and
  • Contact your IT personnel for assistance.

We (and our vendors) only control delivery of email, not whether it is received (which you control). Normally, email is successfully delivered immediately. Delays in delivery are uncommon, but can occur if the recipient's account is over quota, or the receiving server is experiencing some other problem. In these cases, delivery will be queued and retried automatically. If you have not received an email you were expecting from us, there is almost certainly an issue in your environment that only you or your IT personnel can resolve.

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