Uninstall Macabacus via Windows' Control Panel just as you would any other Windows software. To support updating your Macabacus software without losing your settings, uninstalling does not remove the folder C:\Users\%USER NAME%\AppData\Roaming\Macabacus and certain registry entries (e.g., HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Macabacus). Remove these items manually, if desired.

After uninstalling Macabacus, you may receive a message upon starting Excel that Macabacus.xlam could not be found. This is because Excel remembers that Macabacus.xlam was loaded when Excel was last open, and now Excel cannot find it. To resolve this, open Excel's Add-Ins dialog and select the "Macabacus" item. When prompted to remove Macabacus, click Yes. You should no longer receive this message after restarting Excel. However, if you do continue to receive this error, either (a) run Excel as administrator (even if you are a Windows admin), remove the "Macabacus" item in the Add-Ins dialog, and restart Excel; or (b) open Registry Editor and remove references to "Macabacus.xlam" then restart Excel.

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