Enterprise Deployment

InTune Deployment

This document contains instructions on how to download and package the Macabacus-9.x.x.msi file into a format that Microsoft Intune can recognize, and then deploy that package and monitor its progress.

It is recommended to use the Windows app (Win32) system instead of the Line-of-Business app system.  The Line-of-Business app system is not supported in this document.

A / B testing groups for installations and upgrades are recommended to minimize any issues with software deployment.

Note that “v9.x.x” refers to the specific Macabacus version number you are working on deploying (where referenced below, you will need to replace “.x.x” with the appropriate number (e.g, “.5.0” for “v9.5.0”).

1. At workstation

a. This can be any Windows based device that has access to the internet and Microsoft Intune and space on the hard drive to work

b. Download the latest Macabacus2016.msi file from the website

c. Microsoft Intune Windows apps (Win32) use a packaging format called .intunewin

d. Microsoft has a free content prep tool that will convert a .msi file to a .intunewin file

e. More information can be found: https://github.com/microsoft/Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool

f. Download the Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool, install and configure it as necessary

g. Use the MS Content Prep Tool to convert Macabacus2016.msi to Macabacus2016.intunewin

i. Note that your environment may be different so changes to the commands below will likely be required

1. Example uses a PowerShell terminal

2. Working app folder is: c:\tools\IntuneWin\apps\Macabacus v9.x.x

a. .msi file will be read from this location

b. .intunewin file will be created in this location

3. Program folder is: c:\tools\IntuneWin

4. Tool is run from program folder

2. Microsoft Intune Setup

a. This can be done on any device with access to Microsoft Intune

b. Administrative access on Microsoft Intune is required

c. Familiarity with Microsoft Intune will be required for all steps

d. Create a group for the Intune Software Macabacus Install and add users or devices to this group (do not add both)

e. Create the app (Windows app (Win32) file)

i. Go to Apps section

ii. Select Windows

iii. + Add

1. Windows app (Win32)

iv. Select app package file

1. Select the .intunewin file created above in step 1.2.b

v. App Information

1. Name

a. Macabacus 2016 Office Add-in/p>

2. Description/p>

a. Leading productivity and brand compliance add-ins for Microsoft Office

3. Publisher

a. Macabacus Inc.

4. Category

a. Productivity

5. Show this as a featured app in the Company Portal

a. No

i. This document does not cover the Company Portal

6. Information URL

a. https://macabacus.com

7. Developer

a. Macabacus Inc.

vi. Program

1. Install Command

a. The following changes are needed: include EULA=1

E.g.: msiexec /i "Macabacus2016.msi" EULA=1 /qn

2. Defaults settings are acceptable unless your environment requires customization

vii. Requirements

1. Operating system architecture: 64-bit

2. Minimum operating system: Windows 10 20H2

3. All other default settings are acceptable unless your environment requires customization

viii. Detection Rules

1. Rules format: Manually configure detection rules

2. +Add

a. MSI

3. Defaults settings are acceptable unless your environment requires customization

ix. Dependencies

1. None

x. Supersedence

1. Add previous versions of Macabacus, if available

a. Allow uninstall of previous version

xi. Assignment: choose group made above in 2.d

xii. Save / Create

f. Microsoft Intune will process the newly uploaded .intunewin file and create the appropriate App and settings.  Software will then deploy according to Microsoft Intune’s timing, at the least when a device is restarted and logged in, although often within a few minutes of completed setup or app modification

3. Monitoring software installation

a. This can be done at any device with access to Microsoft Intune

b. Specific information about installation success or failure can also be found in the event log of each workstation

c. Monitoring

i. Go to Apps section

ii. Select Windows

iii. Select appropriate program and version

iv. Information on install numbers and success/failure can be found here


Symantec Endpoint Protection

When Symantec Endpoint Protection ("SEP") blocks installation of legitimate software, Symantec calls this a "false positive." Symantec customers should report false positives at https://submit.symantec.com/false_positive/ and contact Symantec for futher assistance with installing Macabacus and/or disable or relax SEP restrictions. There is nothing wrong with Macabacus or its installer, and we have no control over the quality of SEP.

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