Free Trial

How do I begin a Macabacus trial?

Download the full version of Macabacus and install it. Enter your email address when prompted to initiate your trial. No credit card is required.

How long is the Macabacus trial period? Can I extend my trial?

Macabacus may be evaluated free of charge for 30 days. Trials may be extended for potential  enterprise customers at Macabacus' discretion. Email us to request an extension.

How does the Macabacus trial version differ from the regular, licensed version?

There is no difference. The trial version is fully functional and offers all tools and features found in the licensed (Enterprise) version.

Am I eligible for a trial?

The spirit and intent of the free trial, as with any software trial, is to provide prospective customers an opportunity to evaluate Macabacus  prior to making a purchase. Once your organization purchases Macabacus, no further evaluation is required, and your organization's current, future, and temporary employees are no longer eligible for the free trial. Accordingly, employees whose employers already have a Macabacus account may be unable to initiate trials, and the software will require activation prior to use.

Also, previously licensed Macabacus users not are eligible for trials.

How do initiate my CFI trial?

CFI students enrolled in our Full Immersion subscription plan are eligible for an extended, 12-month access period for Macabacus software, the leading productivity solution for finance professionals. Please see Macabacus Trial Access Activation, for instructions.

Please note that this trial is only applicable to first-time Macabacus customers.  

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