Customization Solutions

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Before you request customization, understand how Macabacus can be customized so that you know what to expect from our customization services. Please review our initial setup guide to become familiar with customization possibilities.

Requesting Customization

To request customization services, email any materials you would like us to consider in configuring Macabacus for you, including presentation templates, colors, etc., and any instructions for customization. Larger organizations sometimes have a design standard that explicitly defines things like color palettes, font styles and sizes, dimensions and placement, and more.

You must be designated as a Macabacus account administrator to request customization services on behalf of your company.

Existing Customers

If you purchased Macabacus via our online checkout, your credit card on file (with our payment processing partner) will be charged once the customization is completed. If we do not have your credit card on file, perhaps because you purchased Macabacus via purchase order, you will receive an invoice once customization work begins that must be paid within 30 days, regardless of when the customization is actually completed.

New Customers

If you have not yet purchased a Macabacus subscription, do so  before, requesting customization.

30-Day Rule

We can usually complete your customization within just a few days, subject to your participation and responsiveness during the process. If customization is not completed within 30 days, the customization job will be closed and any amounts paid or due are forfeited. To resume customization following the cancellation of the job, submit a new customization request.

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