Training Solutions


All prices are in USD. Training sessions are conducted with either our conferencing / video technology (Zoom) or yours, in English, and during normal business hours (NYC time). Session durations are approximate. Contact Sales to request a quote for onsite training.

Pricing can be found here.

How to schedule

  • To schedule one or more online training sessions, email with your desired training date(s) and times(s). We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Training is conducted from 09:00 to 18:00 ET, Monday-Friday.
  • Training is billed in 1-hour increments that begin 15 minutes into the hour, and is not pro-rated for fractional hours. For example, a 1-hour and 15-minutes session and a 2-hour and 10-minutes session would each bill as two hours.
  • Training is always conducted using the latest or a very recent version of Macabacus. Therefore, we recommend installing the latest version for all your users, if practical, prior to training if your current version is more than a few months old.

Existing Customers

  • If you purchased Macabacus via our online checkout, your credit card on file (with our payment processing partner) will be charged once the training is completed. If we do not have your credit card on file, perhaps because you purchased Macabacus via purchase order, you will receive an invoice once training is scheduled that must be paid within 30 days, regardless of when the training is actually completed.
  • You must be designated as a Macabacus account administrator to request training on behalf of your company.

New Customers

  • If you have not yet purchased a Macabacus subscription, but intend to do so via our online checkout, do not request training until after your purchase. If you have not yet purchased a subscription, but intend to do so via purchase order, please reflect the desired training option in your purchase order.
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