Pricing Plans

What does Macabacus cost?

Please see our pricing page.

May I have a quote?

Contact Sales to request pricing for your team.

We do not provide prorated quotes for purchases in the middle of a billing cycle because the amount due is based on the time remaining in your billing cycle at the time of purchase, which cannot be known in advance. However, you can estimate the amount due by multiplying the full-year price by the number of days remaining in your cycle at your expected date of purchase and dividing by 365.

Renewal quotes are provided using current Macabacus pricing only. If prices have changed, but this change has not been applied to your existing subscription, the quoted amount may differ from the amount you are actually charged at renewal. If you require the quoted and invoiced amounts to be equal, your existing subscription must be updated to the current pricing.

Is pricing negotiable?

Unlike most B2B vendors, we do not set our prices arbitrarily high to negotiate them downward. We aim to deliver value to our customers, not extract value from them. Accordingly, the pricing transparently indicated on our website for our plans is our best price. However, Enterprise plan pricing can be customized based on your specific needs, and we may match or outperform competitive pricing for large licensing volumes.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Volume discounts begin above 25 licenses. Contact Sales to request pricing for your team. 

Do you offer student discounts?

Our goal is to ensure Macabacus is at an accessible price for customers, including students. We do not offer student discounts.

May I have a coupon code?

Coupon codes are not issued by request. Sign up on our mailing list to be notified of any promotions.

Why are additional peripheral services such as training an additional fee?

Macabacus' customers include a wide range of needs—from Enterprise accounts to Individual users. Enterprise customers often require peripheral services (e.g., training, implementation, onboarding) that individual customers do not. To keep Macabacus affordable for our individual customers, we offer our peripheral services at an additional charge, a la carte, rather than bundle them with much larger licensing fees you pay other vendors. Our Enterprise plan includes many peripheral services at no additional charge. And we also have a wide variety of self-service training resources to help support you if you do not wish to pay for training. 

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