Super Find

Super Find is a replacement for Excel's native Find functionality that has the following advantages:

  • Find almost anything in your workbooks, not just text or specific formats.
  • Quickly select all results at once to perform follow-on actions, such as formatting.
  • Search within a selection, selected sheets, the active workbook, or all open workbooks.
  • Display search results in a convenient task pane that is not intrusive or disruptive to your workflow.
  • Simultaneously search in values, formulas, comments, and hyperlinks.

Kutools liked Super Find so much, they copied it almost exactly, as one loyal Macabacus customer brought to our attention. Often imitated, never duplicated!

Super Find

Super Find

Find Almost Anything

Super Find combines Excel's native Find functionality with AutoFilter, Go To Special, and other enhanced functions that facilitate finding almost anything in your workbooks from a single, intuitive interface.

Values & Formulas

Value equal to
Value not equal to
Value greater than
Value greater than or equal to
Value less than
Value less than or equal to
Value between
Value not between
Duplicate values
Unique values
Odd integers
Even integers
Numeric inputs
Formulas referencing another sheet
Formulas referencing another workbook
Formulas referencing blank cells
Formula arrays (e.g., TABLE, TRANSPOSE)
Formula errors (e.g., #DIV/0!, #NAME?)
Named ranges
Chart series data


Text contains
Text does not contain
Text begins with
Text does not begin with
Text ends with
Text does not end with
Text matches regular expression
Text length equal to
Text length not equal to


Dates (any)
Date equal to
Date before
Date on or before
Date after
Date on or after
Date between
Date not between
Date is year
Date is month
Date is calendar quarter
Date is weekday
Date is weekend
Date is Monday
Date is Tuesday
Date is Wednesday
Date is Thursday
Date is Friday


Font bold
Font not bold
Font italic
Font not italic
Font underline
Font not underline
Font size equal to
Font size not equal to
Font size less than
Font size between
Font size not between
Font name equal to
Font name not equal to
Number format matches selection
Number format equal to
Number format contains
Row height equal to
Row height not equal to
Row height greater than
Row height less than
Column width equal to
Column width not equal to
Column width greater than
Column width less than
Vertical alignment top
Vertical alignment middle
Vertical alignment bottom
Horizontal alignment left
Horizontal alignment center
Horizontal alignment center across selection
Horizontal alignment right
Borders (any)
Borders top
Borders bottom
Borders left
Borders right
Merged cells
Conditional formatting
Odd rows
Even rows
Odd columns
Even columns
Data validation
javascript:; Sparklines

Protected sheets

Super Find requires that worksheets be unprotected in order to be included in search results.

Selecting Results

When Select Mode is set to "Cell," Macabacus will navigate to the cell selected in the Super Find results tree. With Select Mode set to "Row" or "Column," Macabacus will navigate to and select the entire row or column, as appropriate, containing the cell selected in the tree. Selecting entire rows or columns can be useful when you want to perform certain operations on the searched data, such as deleting or collapsing rows/columns.

Click the Select All button to select all cells returned in the search. This can be especially useful if you want to perform bulk formatting operations on those cells, for example.

This documentation refers to the latest Macabacus version. Some features and descriptions of these features may not apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.

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