Rows & Columns

All tools for working with rows and columns can be accessed from the Macabacus > Cells menu, or using shortcuts, as applicable.

Shortcut Tip

Default shortcut keystrokes to manipulate columns are generally the same as those used to manipulate rows, but additionally include a Ctrl key press.


Resize to Standard Size

Proportionally resize column widths and/or row heights of selected cells to match a pre-defined Standard Size. Select a Standard Size from Macabacus > Cells > Resize To > Standard Size.

Reverse Columns / Rows

Reverse Columns

Reverse Columns reorders selected columns based on the first row of dates, useful for financial statements. This is especially helpful for reordering periods from oldest to newest or vice versa. Financial statements often have the most recent periods on the left and the oldest on the right, but in financial modeling, we typically prefer later periods on the right to support projections. Macabacus preserves formula references to reordered cells, ensuring safe column reversal without breaking formulas. Access this tool via Macabacus > Cells > Reverse Columns.

Reverse Rows

Reverse Rows reorders selected rows similarly to Reverse Columns. This tool is useful for reordering data such as dates or other sequential information in rows. Macabacus preserves formula references to ensure the integrity of your data. Access this tool via Macabacus > Cells > Reverse Rows.

Batch Modification

Modify Rows

Perform batch formatting, insertion, and deletion on multiple rows, such as inserting rows or changing row heights. Useful for large datasets. Access via Macabacus > Cells > Modify Rows.

Modify Columns

Modify Columns works similarly to Modify Rows but for columns. Access via Macabacus > Cells > Modify Columns.

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