Manage Settings


Most Macabacus settings can be configured in the Settings dialog, accessed by clicking the Macabacus > Settings > Configure button. Most changes made in the Settings dialog are immediately reflected in the Office application from which this dialog was launched, but you may need to restart other Office applications for changes to be reflected there.

Export / Import / Reset Settings

Export Settings

Backing up your Macabacus settings allows you to import them on another computer, avoiding the need to tediously configure Macabacus the same way on multiple computers. Note that export and import operations do not involve library content and templates—you must back them up separately, if desired.

If you elect to send usage data to Macabacus (enabled by default) and your computing environment supports communication with Macabacus' server, most Macabacus settings will be uploaded automatically to Macabacus' server—the "cloud"—when you modify them in the Settings dialog, among other places.

Trial mode

If Macabacus is in trial mode, settings will not back up automatically to the cloud. You must create a Macabacus account by purchasing a subscription and activate Macabacus to use this feature.

If you chose not to send usage data to Macabacus, your computing environment does not support communication with Macabacus' server, Macabacus is in trial mode, or for any other reason, you can manually export your settings to an XML file by clicking the Macabacus > Settings > Export button.

Import Settings

You can import settings saved to the cloud or an XML file by clicking the Macabacus > Settings > Import button. Additionally, you can download settings saved to the cloud as an XML file from within your Admin Console.

Reset Settings

If you need to revert to Macabacus' default settings, click the Macabacus > Settings > Reset button. Any shared settings published by your organization will overwrite the default settings upon reset.

Restarting Office apps may be required

If you import or reset Macabacus settings in one Office application (e.g., Excel), you may need to restart other Office applications (e.g., PowerPoint) before changes to your settings are reflected in those applications.

This documentation refers to the latest Macabacus version. Some features and descriptions of these features may not apply to older versions of Macabacus. Update your Macabacus software to take advantage of the latest features.

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