Consolidate Users

If your company has Macabacus users who purchased Macabacus subscriptions individually, or your company has multiple "corporate" accounts, you can consolidate all users into a single corporate account.  

Consolidation Advantages

The benefits of consolidation are:

  • Centralized account management by a single administrator or group of administrators
  • Ability to transfer licenses among users
  • Single billing cycle for all licenses under the same subscription
  • Qualification for manual invoicing (Net 30 payment terms)
  • Qualification for volume price discounts
  • Ability to share Macabacus software settings via the cloud
  • Access to archived versions of Macabacus software

To consolidate individual accounts into a corporate account, follow the steps below.

1. Identify Users to Consolidate

The first step in consolidation is to identify which users you will consolidate  immediately so that you can determine how many licenses you require.  We cannot provide a list of your company's Macabacus users—you will need to compile this list internally.  As described below, you may want to consolidate some users now and some later.

Refunding consolidated accounts

When consolidating users' individual accounts into a corporate account, we immediately terminate their subscriptions and attempt to refund the unused portion subscription based on time remaining in the billing cycle.  However, while purchases made in the last 30 days can be partially refunded, our payment gateway (e.g., PayPal, Stripe) may prohibit us from refunding purchases made more than 30 days ago.

Therefore, to minimize loss of monetary value, we generally recommend consolidating now only those users who have purchased Macabacus in the last 30 days, or whose subscriptions are about to expire/renew.  Other users should cancel their subscriptions and be consolidated when their subscriptions are about to expire.  Alternatively, you can consolidate all users now, but will lose the remaining value in the subscriptions being consolidated (we cannot apply a credit from a canceled subscription in an individual account to the corporate account).

To qualify for partial refunds, the consolidation must not constitute a downgrade (e.g., consolidating a Suite subscription into a Modeler subscription).

2. Create Corporate Account

You can create a  new corporate account through a regular Macabacus purchase, or alternatively convert one of your users' existing accounts to the corporate account.  Converting an existing account can minimize loss of monetary value in consolidation and allow you to consolidate an additional user now, as described above.  If you expect to consolidate users over time as their individual subscriptions expire, then purchase only the number of licenses that you require at this time.  You can add licenses to your corporate subscription later to consolidate other users.

New Account

Use our online checkout to create your new corporate account. Ensure that the license quantity (seats) specified at checkout matches the number of users you expect to consolidate  immediately from Step #1.

Converted Account

If you choose to convert an individual account, select the account whose subscription has the  least time remaining in its billing cycle since this account is least likely to qualify for a refund, as described above.  Then, work with the administrator (typically the user being consolidated) to modify that account's administrative access and billing information as desired to make it "corporate."  Next, add additional seats to the subscription so that the total number of seats (licenses) equals the number of users you expect to consolidate immediately from Step #1.

Multiple subscriptions

If users being consolidated have and mix of Modeler, Presenter, and Suite subscriptions, and your consolidated users require this same level of Macabacus access, you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions.  If you create a new corporate account by purchasing at our online checkout, then purchase one subscription at checkout and the other afterwards within your corporate Admin Console.  If you instead convert an existing account to the corporate account, you can add additional subscriptions required via your Admin Console.

3. Cancel Individual Subscriptions

For users that you intend to consolidate immediately, either:

  • Email us a list of all such users, identified by the billing email addresses associated with their individual accounts, and copy these users on this email, or
  • Have each such user email us separately to request consolidation into the corporate account.

We will then terminate these users' subscriptions, effective immediately; attempt to issue any refunds they are due; and close their accounts.  Be prepared to proceed immediately to Steps 4 and 5 to minimize Macabacus downtime for these users.

For users that you intend to consolidate later, have them cancel their Macabacus subscriptions now so that they expire at the end of their billing cycles, rather than renew automatically.

4. Remove Existing Access

Have users being consolidated immediately remove themselves as authorized users.  Users being consolidated later should perform this step just prior to expiration of their subscriptions at the end of their billing cycles, and after you have added a license for them in the corporate account, to avoid a loss of access to Macabacus software. This step allows users to be added to the corporate account, since you cannot add a user email address to the corporate account if that email address is already associated with another account.

5. Grant New Access

In your corporate Admin Console, grant access to the users being consolidated.

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